2 units available

posted 12 Oct 2017, 01:23 by Raphael Veit

See currently available units.  Please contact us for further information atriumss@gmail.com

Phase II ready to move in from Jan-15

posted 30 Nov 2014, 21:08 by Raphael Veit   [ updated 30 Nov 2014, 21:13 ]

As interior work is being completed, owners will start to move in from mid December.

Only 4 units left

posted 17 Mar 2013, 06:38 by Raphael Veit   [ updated 12 Oct 2017, 01:22 ]

The last unit of the phase I buildings (CD1) has been sold. Four units remain available in CD2. 

See currently available units.
Please contact us for further information atriumss@gmail.com

Phase II: Interior works

posted 20 Nov 2012, 21:16 by Casandra Daeng   [ updated 20 Nov 2012, 22:50 by Raphael Veit ]




Custom work for unit owner


Photos courtesy of Anthony and Blackberry

Phase II: Garden planted

posted 20 Nov 2012, 21:05 by Casandra Daeng   [ updated 20 Nov 2012, 22:50 by Raphael Veit ]




Parking area on ground level:

Photos courtesy of Anthony and Blackberry

Brochure available in Thai and English

posted 14 Nov 2012, 23:26 by Raphael Veit

Click on link below to download or open here.

RBSC ad released

posted 15 Jun 2012, 22:54 by Raphael Veit   [ updated 20 Nov 2012, 21:35 by Casandra Daeng ]

To generate interest for the remaining 5 units among a wider audience, CasaDaeng will be take out a full page ad in the special edition of the Royal Bangkok Sports Club magazine's July anniversary issue.

Phase II: Construction update Apr-12

posted 9 Apr 2012, 07:57 by Casandra Daeng   [ updated 24 May 2013, 21:29 by Raphael Veit ]

The project is developing nicely:   Cabling for electricity and air con as well as plumbing have been finished in most units. Outer walls and many inner walls received a smooth layer of concrete.  The structures on the roofs of building A and B are done.     

Impressive proportions in the Duplex (available). 



Phase II: Construction update Oct-11

posted 22 Oct 2011, 23:45 by Casandra Daeng   [ updated 23 Oct 2011, 06:49 ]

Though lots of rain slows things down a bit, all ceilings are done and brick work in buildings A and B is on track
to be finished by 31 October.  Work on electric, sanitary and air con is scheduled to start now.



Phase II: Construction update Jul-11

posted 15 Jul 2011, 21:25 by Casandra Daeng   [ updated 23 Oct 2011, 06:50 ]

Construction of third floor started. Project ahead of schedule.


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